I just love this! The 2 in 1 function is just amazing and makes it so convenient. Cleans and sterilises in only 15 minutes. I can put it in the microwave or just on the bench for cold water sterilisation using the Milton tablets.

I took this unit away with me on holidays and it was just so easy to use! Suitable for both the cold water sterilisation and microwave. The best of both worlds I say! Love my unit and I use it everyday. I have one at my mums too so when she babysits she has one ready to go. I use both the Milton tablets and Milton solution in mine - depending what I have at the time I will use either one.

Received this as a gift and it's the best present by far, especially when out and about!

I found these such a time saver, so much more simple submerging toys and bottles in the solution and walking away rather than fiddling around sterilising in a microwave or steriliser. I would repurchase them as I like the convenience and knowing it kills majority of the germs.

DreamyMummy’s from bubhub

I swear by it

Love this for around the home in the baby nursery but fantastic for cleaning my kitchen and bathroom. Amazing on my stove top as well! Highly recommend you get onto this one quick smart!

Milton Anti-bacterial tablets have been around for years and before the tablets there was the liquid solution. After I had my daughter the advice from the NICU where she stayed was not to sterilise her bottles but to clean them in warm soapy water. But as we do, we like to keep things as clean as possible which is where we turn to disinfectants, hand sanitisers and antibacterials. Personally, although my daughter never really complained, I found the smell of the tablets a little strong to use on baby bottles, dummies and plastic toys regularly but I use them every now and then to give a good sterilisation.

I do however use the Milton anti-bacterial tablets more regularly for other things like sanitising and freshening up our reusable dish cloths to soak them in, a general cleaner by dissolving a tablet in a spray bottle of water to use an all over sanitiser for the benches, table, chopping boards, floors etc. I also often pop a couple in the toilet bowl for a little freshen up between cleans and We also use them for cleaning out our homebrew equipment and our camping gear before we use it. It is great for getting rid of the musty smell between uses and leaves it smelling better and us feeling like it is cleaner.

I will keep buying this product, while maybe not for baby bottles but other uses, although it would be nice if it were lightly scented to cover the "pool" smell it has.

DesperatelySeekingSleep from Bubhub

My hubby started using these to sterilise his home-brewing equipment!

I received a sample of the Milton tablets in the Bounty bag at the hospital when I had my baby. The Milton tablets are so easy to use, once I make up the solution in a container it then sits on the kitchen bench and it lasts for 24 hours. I use it for bottles, dummies, feeding equipment, everything! I'm so glad I didn't shell out for a clunky electric steriliser that I won't need in a few months, Milton tablets are so much cheaper. I buy them now from Coles and baby bunting.

Wow this is an every mums must have!! Perfect to attach to the pram and for when on the go. I use it at home as well as a quick way to sterilise the dummy. I cant believe it cleans and sterilises dummies on the go in only 15 minutes!!! A true lifesaver and a must have!
Plus it looks very trendy on my pram

This is the must have for all mums! when out and about it is perfect to hang on the pram and in 15 minutes you have a clean dummy ready to go!



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